How to use your wraps

Obviously we are converted, not only do wax wraps offer a biodegradable and sustainable way to store food, but thanks to some fabulous designs, our organic fabric look fab too!

How to use

Our wraps are versatile and the perfect option to wrap vegetables, cheese, salads, breads and herbs to name just a few. Cover a bowl, wrap up some snacks for your toddler as your rushing out the door . You will certainly be adding to this repertoire as you go.

How to clean

After you have used your wrap, hand wash in cold water (with a little washing up liquid if you wish). Leave to drip dry.

When dry your good to go. Your wrap can be used again and again. Following these simple steps your wrap can last for up to a year.

How not to use

As versatile as they are, please avoid using your wraps with hot items (as the wax will melt), also wax wraps are not suitable for hi-risk foods like raw meats etc.

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Lisa xx