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Autumn Newsletter

How do you feel about the change in seasons? For me, I look forward to it. Each has their own beauty. What do you like about the Autumn? We have a giant Oak tree in a neighbours garden which hides much of the summer sun from the garden. Now we can see the change in colours and the constant fall of leaves, ready to make way for the sun to shine all day long into our small piece of nature.

It was a pleasure to choose some new fabrics to complement the season. I hope you love them as much as I do. It's strange, as fabrics come to their end, I have mixed feelings. I miss the fabrics which I have been part of my life for the last few months. In fact, I chose many of the original fabrics at the beginning of this year. It is refreshing to welcome these new fabrics into my heart. After many months of holding back (due to the strange year we have all had) I feel energised to finally make Vegan Wax Wraps available on our site. It has been a labour of love. Thanks to the encouragement of a local business woman, she gave the the push to move forward with the next stage of Mersey Wax Wraps.

So here's to kicking leaves in your wellies, here's to collecting pine cones and acorns. Embrace the changing seasons and enjoy nature in all its beauty.

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