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My wax conversion – a mums view

It all began when I realised I was going to be a mum. I began to think about how our lives were about to change and the responsibilities that come with parenthood. I'm sure you can relate to that. The moment when you realise that soon a little person will be asking that infamous question.. Why?

I began to reexamine the choices we had made from a child's point of view and realised there was room for improvement, especially where plastic waste was concerned. We began to look at ways that we could reduce our plastic waste and the choices to #reducerecyclereuse where possible. One way was by visiting my local charity shops. I've been able to find some great wooden toys, a wooden camera is still a hit.

After the birth of our child, there was little room in my tired brain for invention. In time however a business plan was formed and one of my child's first tongue twisters was 'Mersey Wax Wraps'.

So now when my child asks me, "Mum, what's clingfilm?", I can confidently say, "Its something you won't see in our house". Or "Mum, why do we use wax wraps", I can explain how we can all do our part to care for our environment.

I'm not perfect, but I'm happy I can answer the question "why?"

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