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The Grown Up Reason

In my previous blog, I wrote about answering a child when they question your life choices. Although it is good to have a simple answer, as adults we want to know more. So here it is...

What is the environmental impact of clingfilm?

The environmental impact of cling film is such that it is difficult to recycle; without specialized equipment they clog machines. And even when cling film is recycled, it's costlier than using virgin materials.

When it ends up in landfills or incinerators, both PVC and PVDC can release a highly toxic chemical called dioxin, says the World Health Organization.

In marine environments, plastic wrap contributes to a larger plastic pollution crisis, but unlike other plastics, scientists are finding that PVC and PVDC do great jobs of picking up bacteria and metals. Those contaminated pieces of microplastic then harm the fish that mistake them for food.

I think most of us know this now. We all have a choice we can make. Ours has been to replace cling film with a safer, more responsible product.

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