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Why use wax wraps? What are they?

Ok, so some people know what they are and to others they are an amazing new invention. In fact wax wraps have been around a long time, a very long time. Since the ancient Egyptians long time!

Wax Food Wraps are a eco friendly way to preserve your food. They are a great way to reduce your plastic waste. And I like make sure they look pretty too.

So beeswax wraps contain antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also water tight and locks in moisture without letting it build up. Unlike plastic/ clingfilm, wax wraps allow food to naturally breathe thus acting like a natural barrier.

It is also claimed that the use of wax wraps prolongs the life of vegetables by as much as three days. I've tested this theory and have been amazed at how it helps with salads and vegetables.

As the beeswax wrap is not airtight, the gases naturally emitted from foods are allowed to escape. In contrast ethylene gas emitted from fruits and vegetables can quickly over-ripen, and finally rot foods stored in an airtight plastic container or bag. The ammonia gas emitted from cheese in an airtight container can quickly be re-absorbed, causing cheese to go bad quickly whereas when you use of a Wax Wrap, this allows the cheese to breathe and retain its freshness. My mother in law has tested this out and regularly reminds me of how she is amazed at how long her cheese lasts. In our household, cheese doesn't last long enough to find out.

There must be something negative to say about wax wraps? One thing, they cannot be used with hot foods as it will melt the wax.

Here at Mersey Wax Wraps, we use Organic products to create our wax food wraps. But that's another story.

With so many benefits, I hope you are already using you Wax Wraps, if not please check out our site start your Wax Wrap Conversion.

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