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Winter Newsletter

Welcome to our winter newsletter, as we are on the brink of a new year many are thinking about plans and goal. Maybe you have signed up to Veganuary?

Veganism is certainly a hot topic for many with the number of people choosing a plant based diet ever increasing. According to the Vegan Society Website in a year where takeaway deliveries were the new dining out, between November 2019 and November 2020, vegan food orders went up by 115% and the number of Vegans has quadrupled in the last 5 years alone! For more advice and information on the benefits of a plant based diet, visit www.thevegansociety.com

One of the products I was proud to perfect during 2020 was my Vegan Waxed Wraps. These are now being stocked in our local Vegan Shop, Waste Not Want Not (Wirral) as well as being available on our website www.merseywaxwraps.com . These have been welcomed by the local Vegan community. Made using the same Organic Cottons, but using Candelilla Wax. With tweaking we have been able to provide a wax wrap that performs in the same way as our Bees Wax counterpart.

If you are already familiar with Mersey Wax Wraps, you will know that we source our products responsibly and wherever possible use Organic materials.

As for what our goals for 2021 here at Mersey Wax Wraps, I have a couple of collaborations I am working with during the early months. One of which is with a local artist and creator, who is creating some botanically dyed fabric for use in wax wraps and sandwich wraps. For updates, you can follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook (@merseywaxwraps).

So whatever your goals are for 2021, may you prove successful. I look forward to sharing with you more top tips for wax wraps uses.

Thank you for reading xxx

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